All of the Coulomb Technologies charging units that we've seen thus far are rectangular units that sit on poles or hang from the wall. A new ChargePoint unit that Coulomb is developing with Aker Wade Power Technologies looks much more like a standard gas pump and, more importantly, will provide fast Level 3 charging. These units, which will be available to buy this fall for around $40,000 (and $20,000 to install!), draw power from dedicated 480-volt, 125-amp circuits and can theoretically deliver a full charge in a half hour.
Other levels of charging include the slowest, Level 1, which runs off of 120 volts (also known as a standard outlet), and Level 2, which splits the difference with 240-volt power. Even though Coulomb and Aker Wade are bullish on the the potential for their high-speed chargers, Ford's manager of battery electric vehicle applications, Greg Frenette, told last fall that:
You can't just charge batteries at any level without some sort of impact on safety, battery life, reliability and durability. I'm not one that believes there's a viable solution-given where battery chemistries and technologies are today-that says you can charge these batteries in two or three minutes and send them on their way.
[Source: HybridCars, Coulomb]

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