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It isn't everyday that you see a beautiful black Audi R8 V10 on the road. But it happens. What never happens is a guy driving up to you in an Audi R8 V10 and walking up to you and handing you the keys. For keeps. That was probably true before a couple weeks ago, but we can't say that is the case anymore. According to New Zealand's Independent Online, an unknown businessman has literally given the keys to his R8 to a pair of men he had never met before because he had a dream telling him to take the vehicle to Table Mountain in South Africa.

The generous man's only request was that the two men, who were given the cars because they had drivers licenses, use the German luxury vehicle to help others without wanting anything in return. To make good on their end of the bargain, Fabrice Manganga Mugala and Desire Shima are delivering food to the homeless and needy people. The two have also cut a slit into the hood of the R8 (since the engine is out back) so others can place donation money and messages therein. The slit appears to have been professionally added to the bonnet, and the inscription around the opening reads "a better future for all." We're thinking Fabrice and Desire are already reaping the benefits of a better future, and if the two pay it forward as instructed, they won't be the only ones to win out.

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[Source: Independent Online]

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