Damaged Ady Gil just after collision with Japanese whaling ship - Click above to watch the video after the break

Despite frenzied attempts to tow the damaged biodiesel-powered Ady Gil out of Australian Antarctic Territorial waters after being rammed by the Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru II, the anti-whaling ship reportedly sunk after the tow ropes holding it in place snapped.

Says Sea Shepherd Conservation Society spokeswoman Amy Baird, "Fortunately, all fuel and lubricants had been removed from the Ady Gil hours earlier." All six crew members were rescued by the Bob Barker, a fellow Sea Shepherd boat.

According to Sea Shepherd, footage captured of the event from all three previously mentioned vessels appears to indicate that the Japanese ship intentionally veered into the path of the Ady Gil. The impact sheered off the carbon fiber Ady Gil's nose. Judge for yourself after watching the video pasted after the break.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

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