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The Brussels Motor Show kicks off in Belgium this weekend and Citroen will be on hand to show off its "new" electric car. If the C-Zero looks familiar its because we've seen it before with Peugeot and its original Mitsubishi badges. The C-Zero is a re-badged i-MiEV that, along with the Peugeot IOn, will be offered in Europe later this year.

While Mitsubishi rates the i-MiEV at a 100-mile range based on the ridiculously optimistic Japanese 10-15 test cycle, the PSA variants are rated at 80 miles on the EU combined drive cycle. Real world figures are likely to be in the range of 60 miles or so. The 64 horsepower motor gets the car to 62 miles per hour in 15 seconds and the battery can get an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes from a 400 volt outlet.

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11th January 2010


C-ZERO, Citroën's new all-electric four-seater city car, is to make its world show premiere at the 88th European Motor Show in Brussels later this month - alongside 25 other models from Citroën's award-winning range.

Zero fuel consumption, zero CO2 emissions and zero engine noise - the aptly named C-ZERO is Citroën's 100% electric solution to meet the demands of modern day urban driving. With compact dimensions, rapid charge and generous range for day-to-day car journeys, C-ZERO is a perfect city companion.

C-ZERO's permanent magnet synchronous motor is powered by a latest-generation lithium-ion battery system and delivers 47kW or 64bhp EEC from 3,000 to 6,000rpm. Maximum torque of 180Nm is available from 0 to 2,000rpm. The batteries can either be charged by plugging the supply cord into a 220-volt socket or, alternatively, C-ZERO can be charged using a 400-volt supply for an 80% charge in 30 minutes.

Despite measuring just 3.48m long, C-ZERO offers a spacious and comfortable cabin interior with four real seats and a 166 litre boot. On the road, C-ZERO has a top speed of 80mph, acceleration from 0-62mph in 15 seconds and a range of around 80 miles over a standard combined cycle. C-ZERO's 9m turning circle and nimble handling also make it easy to navigate through city traffic.

C-ZERO is set for launch in the last quarter of 2010 and prospective customers can request an exclusive test-drive prior to placing a pre-order at

With 26 vehicles on display, Citroën's show stand will feature almost all of its passenger car range, including the new C3 - which goes 'on sale' in the UK on 15th January - and the forthcoming DS3, as well as the Company's chic REVOLTE city car concept, which made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009.

The 88th European Motor Show in Brussels is open to the public from 14th - 24th January 2010.

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