Nelsinho "Crashgate" Piquet confirms move to NASCAR

Crashing is a big deal in Formula One. Especially, as the ongoing legal battle between the FIA and one Flavio Briatore shows, if you've done it on purpose. So Nelson Piquet Jr. couldn't have been all that surprised that, after having done exactly that and then gone on to blow the whistle on his own team, he hasn't found a new ride in F1. So... where does a disenfranchised grand prix driver to go for a fresh start? Where do they love crashing more than anywhere else? Why, NASCAR, of course!

The disgraced Brazilian driver expressed interest in a move to stock car racing last year and went on to test a truck for Red Horse Racing in the fall. He's now slated to test the Camping World Truck Series spec Toyota Tundra again, much like Juan Pablo Montoya and Scott Speed made the jump before him.

Although Piquet hasn't confirmed exactly which series he'll be joining, he has specified that it will be a NASCAR series (meaning Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide Series or Sprint Cup), and that he's fully prepared to start at the ground level and work his way up. So while he may skip the lower levels like ARCA, the smart money's on a truck debut for Piquet: Sources anticipate he could be behind the wheel as early as next month at Daytona.

[Source: and Autosport | Image: Mark Thompson/Getty]

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