Detroit 2010: Caption Contest - What the heck are Bob Lutz and Elon Musk talking about?

Bob Lutz has been an important guy in the auto industry since before most of us were born. Elon Musk is the reason your eBay transactions go so smoothly (he was the co-creator of PayPal). Together, they don't seem to make much of a team. Well, they wouldn't make much of a match if Musk weren't the CEO of Tesla Motors. Elon makes electric cars. Bob wants to make electric cars. Both are ( *ahem*) outspoken and give good soundbites. Upon further review, it makes perfect sense that the two men were hanging out at the Detroit Auto Show. But what were they talking about?

We have some ideas, but they probably aren't as creative as yours. We'll get you started with some appetizers, but we're really just looking for you to provide the main course:
Lutz to Musk: "You think you're nervous right now, but you really just have range anxiety"
Musk to Lutz: "We have more batteries in one car than you have in 500 Volts"
Lutz to Musk: "$500 million? $50 billion!"
Help us out with some better captions by leaving some tender verbal vittles in Comments.

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