The 2006 Nissan Urge looks like a dead man walking. The three-year-old concept designed as a Mazda MX-5 competitor was once planned for the market, but then the market got really, really sick and so the roadster was killed. That didn't stop Auto Express from claiming that the Urge would be coming in 2011 back in May.
Nor has the little two-seater's deceased state stopped Nissan from trailering it hither and thither, right out in the open. And who was there to catch the incident? None other than motorcar rendering guru Jon Sibal. It looks just like it did at its Detroit Auto Show debut and it's spotless in the photo, which makes us think they haven't been hauling the concept uncovered for two years. Thankfully.

Click the link for the rest of Sibal's shots, and have a look at it in the high-res gallery below. Maybe this means you'll be seeing it on a show floor sometime next year... or not?


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