Allow us to clarify: the Tucker Torpedo Convertible we wrote about recently should herewith be referred to as the purported Tucker Torpedo Convertible. The droptop claiming to be a Torpedo will be up for auction in Scottsdale soon, offered by Russo and Steele. A note from the Tucker Automotive Club of America, however, states that it knows of no such car ever having been made by the Tucker Corporation. The statement says, in part:
"The Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc. (TACA) has never been presented with-nor have been able to find-any credible evidence to prove the authenticity of this or any other vehicle as being a Tucker Corporation intended convertible and therefore we can not certify it as such."
The club does not say that the convertible in question is definitely not a genuine Torpedo. The club's position is that it has never been able to successfully prove the provenance of said car, "nor has the seller responded to [the club's] request seeking the engine serial number and data plate information." Without a single piece of documentation to support the car among the library of papers detailing Tucker's rise and fall, about the only thing to say for it is: buyer beware. Hat tip to Jeff.

[Source: Tucker Automobile Club of America]

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