Motor City Maidens – Click above for high-res image gallery

This year's 2010 Detroit Auto Show is over, at least for the press, and while some significant vehicles were unveiled, the overall impression we got is that the industry has scaled back. Less debuts combined with smaller and less elaborate displays made the whole affair feel significantly downsized compared to previous years.

There is one area, however, where automakers seemingly didn't skimp: models. No, not car models, models as in paid spokespeople who stand next to the cars and trucks we came to see. The Motor City maidens who graced displays at this year's show were a cut above the crop of models used at other auto shows we covered this year.

And in case you think us sexist, check out Sirens of Chrome, an entire book celebrating the culture of car models and their history on the auto show circuit. See? We're not sexist, but rather consumers of a valuable service. Check out the gallery below to consume for yourself.

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