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At this morning's XTS Platinum and CTS-V Coupe debut here at the Detroit Motor Show, newly appointed brand manager Bryan Nesbitt announced to the media that that all Cadillac models will receive V-Series and Platinum models. However, during the media scrum that followed the conference, we sought clarification from Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell, and he stated that future Cadillacs will receive a V-Series or a Platinum model. Thus, if you had visions of an Escalade-V dancing in your head, well... don't.

The prevailing logic behind which models will get a V or a P will depend on the model's market segment and inherent sportiness. As Caldwell explained it to us, a model like the CTS has a foot in both worlds (and could probably pull off both), but models like the SRX or Escalade lend themselves more to the heightened creature comforts of the Platinum experience. Some Autobloggers remain a bit foggy on why General Motors' luxury brand needs what is effectively a double-prestige trim level (shouldn't all Cadillacs be posh by definition?), but we do appreciate the added accouterments all the same.

And as to the possibility of a CTS-V Sport Wagon? Well, we got a wink-wink, nudge-nudge when we suggested to Cadillac that we'd like to see it, and judging by the smiles all 'round, it's all but certain that we'll be seeing its debut on the show circuit later this year.

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