2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio – Click above for high res-image gallery

We've been friendly with the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class since its introduction. As much as we liked the sedan, we enjoyed the Coupes even more so. That stated, it would figure that we're going to really dig the new 2010 E-Class Convertible. Of course, here in the D, we just get to look at the latest Benz drop top and listen to the Daimler folks make the car's case. If we did nothing but listen to them, the E-Class Convertible is literally the most exciting thing since bagels got holes.

In reality, this is a pretty sharp looking car, especially with the top down. Turns out that the best way to remedy the awkward looking chunky C-Pillar is just to remove it altogether. Replacing the CLK as MB's mass-market convertible, the new E-Class rag top has to be many things to many people. As such, Mercedes-Benz has equipped the E-Class Convertible with a couple of features that will allow the car to be driven with the top down year round.

The biggie is the new AirCap, a small 2.4-inch wind deflecting device that, in conjunction with a baffle between the rear headrests, keeps things quiet in the open cabin at speeds up to 100 mph. Sunstroke aside, not being able to talk to the person 13 inches away from you is one of the big drags of convertible ownership. If they're to be believed, Mercedes claims that AirCap solves the problem. That's a great thing, should you opt for the 382 horsepower, 391 pound-feet of torque E550 Convertible as opposed to the V6-powered 268-hp, 258 lb-ft of torque E350 Convertible.

There's also a new Airscarf, a system that blows hot air at the necks of the people seated up front. Hence, short of hail, falling snow and rain, you could conceivably drive the E-Class Convertible year round. Unless you're seated in the back seat... And even with AirCap and Airscarf, we'd be hesitant to drive the new E-Class 'Vert in Detroit in early January. Just sayin'. Like what you're seeing? Well, the new E-Class Convertible will go on sale in May of this year.

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