While sucking down one of our favorite stimulants in the frigid air outside Cobo Hall, we heard a lone voice across the street scream, "Screw the tea-baggers!" Naturally, we had to investigate.

Unlike the Tea Party protesters assembling outside General Motors' Renaissance Center to voice their criticisms about the government's bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, this ragtag militia of union officials and automaker employees assembled to support the Fed's financial infusion.

"We're here to thank Barack Obama for his support of the automakers," George Hardy, the vice president of UAW Local 174 told us, going on to say that the cash injection has helped him and his members retain their jobs in one of the worst employment environments in 30 years.

Hardy was adamant that the government's detractors refused to see the benefits of the bailouts, simply saying "The Tea Party has it wrong."

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