The 2010 Detroit Auto Show will open its doors to the press Monday morning, and Volkswagen will be showing something for sure. Word on the Internet is that you're looking at it. Those thick black lines above supposedly illustrate a Jetta coupe that will go by the not-so-clever name of New Compact Coupe. This blurry sketch surfaced on the web Saturday, and while we can't say whether or not it's the real deal, through the haze it does appear to be a Scirroco-like coupe.

Why is it so blurry? We have no idea, and we're close enough to the show now that this Etch-A-Sketch, even if accurate underneath, will be moot in about 24 hour's time. So just hold on a little while longer and we'll bring you everything that's worth knowing from Detroit in due time.

[Source: via Motor Authority]

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