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Yesterday, Think North America tweeted: "President Obama announces new energy tax credits: THINK chosen by U.S. DOE to receive $16.9 million tax credit for new U.S. facilities." The money is part of a new pile of funds – $2.3 billion worth – from the Recovery Act and intended for "clean-tech manufacturing jobs." The official DOE release says Think will use the money to:
Establish a U.S. manufacturing operation/facility (a vehicle assembly operation as well as facilities for fabricating vehicle components) for the Think City light-weight EV-dedicated vehicle for sale throughout North America.
This, we have to assume, means that the money will be used in Elkhart, IN. Other funded projects that relate to cleaner vehicles include:
  • $700,000 to Aeroenvironment to build a mobile charger "designed for on-road service trucks to provide a quick charge to stranded battery electric vehicles similar to an 'out-of-gas' situation" and advanced battery packs.
  • $1.2 million to PPG Industries for lower rolling resistance tires.
  • $300,000 to Rogers Foam Automotive Corporation to make "a component to be used in the thermal management system of Lithium Ion Battery assemblies for electrical vehicles."

You can download a list of all awardees here.

[Source: Department of Energy]

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