Video: Russian racing exposed

Moscow Unlimited 500+ drag racing – Click above to watch the video after the jump

We all know the Russians love their exotic cars tuned to within an inch of their cylinder heads. And what else could they be expected to do with them but race? The Moscow Unlim 500+ is a one-mile, timed drag that pits high-dollar rides against each other all day long.

Drag Times snagged some video of the latest edition, and along with the girls, Guinness speed records and popped collars you'll find "Japanese junkers," 926-horsepower Evos, and "totally wasted Mustangs." Oh, and there are of course the obligatory Switzer-tuned 911 Turbos, Vipers, Ferraris, and a Wiesmann or two. It's Russia, after all. Follow the jump to watch the miles of action.

[Source: 0-60]

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