On Monday, the Tea Party is coming to Detroit and crumpets are not on the docket (*rimshot*). The traveling band of disgruntled Americans is heading over to General Motors' Renaissance Center between 9:30 AM and noon to protest against the fed's stake in GM and Chrysler. The protest is well-timed, with 6,000 journalists and government dignitaries a few hundred yards away at the first media day of the Detroit Auto Show.

The Detroit News reports that Tea Party organizers say the goal of the rally is to "make a peaceful yet clear statement against government takeover of America." An online flier reportedly distributed by the anti-tax party states, "What Michigan needs is a responsible auto industry that can become profitable, self sustainable and efficient in ways that provide more private jobs and economic success."

While the Tea Party undoubtedly picked a great day to protest against the federal government's 61 percent stake in GM, we're a little confused as to why organizers chose the Ren Cen instead of Cobo Hall. With all the journalists inside, attending press conferences and avoiding Michigan weather, the protesters won't have the opportunity to get the media attention they're after. Too bad. It could have made for some interesting people watching.

[Source: Detroit Free Press | Image: Jewel Samad/Getty]

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