Switzerland doesn't mess around when it comes to speeding tickets. Get caught with a lead foot in the land of Alpine vistas and serious chocolate and the cost of your transgression won't be based on a flat rate for the infraction, it will be based on how wealthy you are. An unnamed driver of a Ferrari Testarossa found this out the hard way when he was caught driving 85 miles per hour through the village of St. Gallen. According to the BBC News, the driver was a repeat offender and his crime was going 35 mph over the speeding limit.

The punishment? How about £180,000 ($290,000 in U.S. funds), or enough money to purchase two or three Testarossas on eBay. That ungodly sum is reported to be more than double the previously costliest ticket, though we're pretty sure the new record holder probably isn't celebrating. Don't feel too bad for the unnamed offender, though, as he is reportedly worth $22.7 million and he owns a villa and five luxury cars. We don't know about you, but we've certainly pulled back our tears. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[Source: BBC News | Image: Andrew Reddington/Getty]

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