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We never cease to be amazed at just how good some folks are at video games. While we're as good at the button-mashing shuffle as the next guy, sometimes our brains and hands just won't cooperate. Drifting is a prime example. We know we need to rev the engine to get the tires to spin, but our finger sometimes run us into brick walls when our mind has us running the line. We know we're not alone here, but the post-jump Forza 3 drifting video is proof positive that some guys are just spiritually in tune with their XBOX 360 controller.

The proud owner of this virtual drift video chose a Datsun 510 as the super drifting car extraordinaire, and it's obvious that this guy or girl plays entirely too much Forza 3. Solid drifts quickly turn to masterful pirouetting and backwards drifts, sliding to within inches of virtual guard rails. Pretty amazing stuff. Hit the jump to watch for yourself.

[Source: YouTube]

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