Porsche CEO reportedly says 'no hybrid sports cars'

Go to any major city worldwide and you're likely to see a Porsche 911 roll by. It's far more common than seeing one making the cornstalks blur in the middle of farm country, anyway. Porsche CEO Michael Macht disagrees that his sports cars frequent metro areas. "They're not driven in the city," Macht told the UK's Autocar when discussing hybrid 987s and 997s. Of course, city driving is where hybrid powertrains rack up fuel economy credits, which Macht acknowledges before dismissing by saying, "It's technically possible but it's not part of the plan."

Despite the verbot on hybrid 911s, Boxsters and Caymans, technology will be thrown at the sports cars to improve efficiency. "We want brake regeneration and stop-start for our sports cars, but not hybrid," explains Macht. Just because there's no hybrids other than the Cayenne doesn't mean Porsche isn't playing with electrons. "There are some efforts to make a pure electric supercar," Macht notes, though such a vehicle would have to be capable of running as hard for as long as the petro-fueled Porsche cars – no 30-mile ranges here.

[Source: Autocar]

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