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Large vehicles like dump trucks travel across oceans, rivers and seas on boats all the time. But typically, the craft that hauls the truck is quite a bit bigger than than the dirt hauler itself. That's just not how they roll in Haiti, though, as evidenced by some amazing footage of workers attempting to drive a massive multi-ton dump truck onto a run-of-the-mill sailboat. The dump truck on small sail boat doesn't pass the look test, as the truck appears to be longer than the boat is wide, but that evidently doesn't stop the workers from giving it a go.

Hit the jump to see if the Little Sailboat That Could can, in fact, handle the massive weight of an industrial dump truck. At one point, it appears that the truck's rear wheels actually spin on top of the sail boat's hull while trying to come aboard. We just can't imagine being the first person to try this, but we sure don't mind watching. Click through to the jump to see if the crew is successful at this impromptu tourist attraction or if they end up with a different sort of commercial dump.

[Source: YouTube]

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