Audi TDI good at a lot of things, but suicide apparently isn't one of them

Killing yourself is a bad idea. And trying to kill yourself by running a hose from the tailpipe to the cracked window of an idling Audi TDI diesel isn't only a bad idea; it's apparently unlikely to get the job done. That's the message we get from the four-ringed automaker's interesting disturbing ad. We aren't clear as to what market this spot aired in (or if it's intended solely for Internet consumption), but the commercial features the Audi A5 and an actor playing part of the dangerously depressed. The man pulls out a hose, feeds it into the A5's exhaust and places the other end into the cracked passenger window. He then turns the car on and waits in vein for the afterlife. The controversial one-minute spot isn't a quick guide to euthanasia but instead Audi is apparently demonstrating (avoided) death by emissions as a way to graphically illustrate just how clean its diesel technology is.

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to view this very disturbing, very not-ready-for-U.S.-consumption spot. For the record, we have absolutely no idea whether or not the TDI in the Audi A5 is so clean that you safely can run a hose from the exhaust to the window, let the car idle until it runs out of gas and live to tell about it. In other words, under no circumstances should you try this at home, with or without a clean diesel.

UPDATE: The original video was yanked from YouTube, but we've found another that you can view after the jump.

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