You can't fill your fuel cell Equinox with it, but the Horizon HydroFill will soon allow people to generate hydrogen at home with water and electricity and use it to power USB devices. The HydroFILL comes from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, makers of little hydrogen cars, and will be unveiled at CES this week.
The HydroFILL puts the H2 into battery-like solid-state HydroSTIKs that can then be used in the company's MiniPaks, which send power out through a USB port. HydroFILL uses 60W DC per hour to make 10 liters (0.001 kg) of hydrogen. The MiniPak outputs 2.5W (5V, 400mA) of DC power. Sound unnecessarily complicated? It is. What's wrong with simply using the grid power to recharge the batteries?

While the system can be used to recharge the batteries in cell phones, GPS units and the like today, Horizon says that powering vehicles might one day be on the, well, horizon.

[Source: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies via Green Car Congress, Engadget]

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