It's official: The Ford Mustang outsold the Chevrolet Camaro in 2009, despite the Bowtie Brand's contender putting together a string of month-on-month sales leads over the Blue Oval's pony car. But it was a close race.

According to sales data released by both Ford and General Motors, the Mustang sold 66,623 units in 2009, with GM coming in close behind at 61,618 Camaros sold for the year.

Early on there was speculation that the Camaro could overtake the Mustang if its sales streak continued, but despite pent up demand for the Chevy's retromobile, Ford sold 6,327 Mustangs last month – over 60 percent more than it did in November. Not a huge surprise, but a good showing nonetheless, and with all of the updates to the 2011 Mustang, we suspect that next year's race won't be nearly as entertaining.

UPDATE: As many of you pointed out in the comments and after having a conversation with Chevy's Adam Denison, we didn't analyze the data properly. In our haste to get this story posted, we failed to note that the Camaro didn't go on sale until June of 2009 and that Chevy sold more Camaros each month thereafter, including December.

[Sources: Ford, General Motors]

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