It was bad enough when Somali pirates decided to hijack an American ship, but now they've gone too far. The scallywags have now gone after a boatload of cars – Hyundais and Kias to be specific. On New Year's Day, a group of Somali pirates hijacked the Asian Glory, which was bound for Saudi Arabia with 2,388 Kia and Hyundai vehicles aboard.

While Hyundai and Kia have asked for the prompt and safe return of the crew, the cars, apparently, are of little concern. It's not that the Korean companies don't care about their product, it's that they aren't their responsibility anymore. It seems that once a cargo ship leaves port, the cars are the responsibility of the distributor. The vehicles have already been paid for and they are insured, so the only loss is to the insurance companies.

By the way, be careful when Googling "Asian Glory." Let's just say it was an eye opener.

[Source: Bloomberg News]

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