Ducati 1098 versus Nissan GT-R – Click above to watch the video after the break

What happens when you line a motorcycle up with a car on a racetrack? As always, the answer is up for debate and depends on the vehicles being compared, the track they are running on, track and weather conditions and the skill of the pilots. Still, it's an age-old battle of four wheels versus two, good versus evil – and somehow we just know that the video from Autocar pasted after the break will only serve to drive the two camps further apart than ever before.

First, the combatants. A stealthy black Nissan GT-R carries the turbocharged, all-wheel drive torch on the four-wheeled side, while a Ducati 1098 ably handles the motorcycle duties. As you probably expect, the superbike has no problems whatsoever leaving the GT-R for dead in a straight line, while the car's two additional contact patches allow it to brake and turn with much more authority than the Ducati. And the winner is? Click past the break to see for yourself.

[Source: Autocar via Youtube]

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