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Our friend Farmer Dave does some crazy stuff with airbags. You may recall that Dave likes to blow up airbags in refrigerators, and the devastation is pretty impressive. Either Dave got bored with blowing up safety devices in kitchen appliances or he was interested in a fresh challenge, because the good farmer's latest video takes place on a very frozen pond with a passenger side Saturn airbag.

After the jump is 3:23 of pure safety dummy pyrotechnic bliss. Farmer Dave puts an airbag in a plastic bag, wires it up to a car battery and places it in the water where he cut out a chunk of the ice with a chainsaw. Since we're showing you this video, you can probably guess that the airbag went off, but the damage to three inches of ice is pretty impressive. As a bonus, Dave stuck a second air bag in the water for a week in order to let the ice freeze over it. The carnage is far less impressive but still worth a look. Hit the jump to watch both videos and please try to remember that blowing up airbags is dangerous business better left to the Farmer Daves of the world.

[Source: YouTube]

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