Coming out of bankruptcy with four fewer brands, General Motors wants to help its dealers present a fresh face to the public. So it's offering dealers a deal of its own: remodel your dealerships and GM will help pay for it. Ah, but just like a clever salesman, GM has a few conditions on its offer. For one, any dealer in the business of selling new cars other than GM models must separate them from The General's products. Also, while the renovations should take about three years, GM won't be sending dealers a check for something like five to 10 years. And when the money does come, the amount each dealer receives won't be based on their receipts for the renovations, but rather sales performance. Suddenly that new shiny showroom courtesy of the Mothership ain't looking so new and shiny.

While we don't know exactly what a remodeled GM dealership will look like, Automotive News reports that they will feature renovated entryways, new reception desks and – wait for it – free WiFi! Take that Starbucks.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req. | Image: Scott Olson/Getty]

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