Booming auto sales in China are credited with pushing Toyota Motor Corp's Asian auto sales higher than those solely in its domestic market for 2009 - a first for the Japanese automaker. Toyota sold 1,354,000 units in Asia during the first 11 months of the year (an increase of 4.5 percent compared to the previous year). In contrast, the automaker sold 1,256,000 vehicles in Japan during the same period. China is credited with 622,000 units sold (a 20.7 percent increase) - that number is expected to pass 700,000 units by the end of the year.
Toyota's North American market is still the sales leader, with 1,770,000 vehicles sold January through November of 2009. However, now that Japan has been bumped aside, the Asian market is expected to solidify its position as the automaker's second-largest market once the numbers are finalized for 2009.

[Source: Japan Today]

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