Benedict Radcliffe's wire art Koenig Lamborghini Countach – Click above for image gallery

In 2008, UK artist Benedict Radcliffe created a wireframe Koenig Lamborghini Countach because he needed something to outdo the wireframe Subaru WRX. Using 160 feet of 10-millimeter steel tubing, the see-through coupe was parked on the street in London for people to generally gawk at, which they did in the expected large numbers.

Now The Times reports that the piece is for sale, allowing you to gawk at it in your living room for the low, low price of £40,000 ($64,828 U.S.). You'll need a fair bit of room since the artwork is 14 feet long and six feet wide, and probably isn't all that light. The extra effort could be worth it – when else will you get the chance to tell someone you bought a car from Wonder Woman? You can get a closer look at the wireframe Lambo in the gallery of images below.

[Source: Times Online]

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