AutoblogGreen has been following the history of North Carolina based Hybrid Technologies for several years now and we've been dubious for some time. When we talked to company representatives at the 2008 New York Auto Show we learned that the company had yet to sell any examples of its $60,000 electric MINI conversion. The electric Chrysler PT Cruiser it had built in 2007 for the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission failed to live up to expectations and the taxi test was abandoned after only a few months.

Unfortunately, BitGravity founder Barrett Lyon had only seen some of the more positive stories about the company on TV shows like Modern Marvels before things started to go south. Lyon wanted to get an EV but wanted something a bit more practical than the Tesla Roadsters that some of his friends were buying. The LiV Surge as the renamed EV Innovations was calling its PT Cruiser conversions, seemed to be just what Lyon was looking for.

Lyon tells the sad tale of his experience on his blog ranging from the late delivery of a DOA car all the way through his legal action to get his money back. Anyone else thinking of buying from EV Innovations may want to take Lyon's story into account. Thanks to Ken for the tip!


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