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According to a new study, women take longer to park their vehicles, but for all their extra time sizing up their parking spots, it doesn't result in better parking accuracy.

Okay, I admit: I'm walking into some pretty tall grass, here. But, when I found out that the PhD in charge of the study was a woman, it made me feel better somehow. Dr. Claudia Wolf, thank you for your honesty.

Dr. Wolf's study, conducted through her employer, Germany's Ruhr University, noted that men were quicker to get their car in the parking spot and generally more aligned with the parking lines. She was quoted as saying that the results confirmed previous studies that men have shown superiority with spatial awareness and coordination.

The actual study sounds pretty interesting. Around five dozen men and women were given an Audi A6 sedan to park in a space in Germany (where, on average, the spaces a slightly smaller than they are in the U.S.) from three different approaches: parallel parking, head-on and reverse.

The results were timed and rated for accuracy. When the results came in, they showed women take about 20 seconds more time to park their vehicle but are less likely to be accurate as a result.

Dr. Wolf told the UK's Daily Telegraph that the results are about parking, not a definitive end-all statement about the superiority of one sex over another.

"It is not as if there was a massive failing by women," Dr. Wolf told The Telegraph. "It is just about parking - not the triumph of men over women."

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