Modell-Lichtsystem die-cast model lighting kits – Click above to watch video

That's not a real Audi R8 pictured above. That's a 1:18-scale Kyosho die-cast model, fitted with a Modell-Lichtsystem (ML) illumination kit. The ML light packages can turn a model car with photo-realistic detail into something that's almost a smaller version of the real thing. On the BMW M3's lighting, for instance, the cornering lights illuminate when the model car's wheels are turned, and if you stomp on the tiny brake pedal, the taillamps light up.

We can't tell much from the company's website, which is strangely devoid of useful information, but there are more examples on Modell's YouTube channel. If you're looking for the ultimate in verisimilitude for your die-cast endeavors, this is surely it. Follow the jump to see a brace of impressive lighting jobs in 1:18 scale, including the R8, a pair of BMW models (M3 and M5) and a Lamborghini Murciélago. Hat tip to David!

[Source: Modell-Lichtsystem]

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