Click above to watch the 9ff TR 1000 reach 391.7 km/h at the Papenburg test track after the jump

There aren't too many places you can cruise at over 200 mph in relative safety, but the Papenburg test track is one of them. The high speed oval located in Northern Germany is a pavement playground for supercars in search of straight line speed, and various manufacturers and tuners regularly use the track to see just how fast their projects can go.

Take, for instance, 9ff. The Porsche super-tuner previously used Papenburg to reach v-max in its GT9 supercar, and they recently brought out a modified 911 Turbo dubbed the TR 1000 for a high speed romp. While not quite as fast as the GT9 (409 km/h), the TR 1000 still reached an impressive 391.7 km/h -- just over 243 mph. Fortunately the cameras were rolling, giving us an opportunity to see just how quickly a 1000 horsepower Porsche can triple the legal speed limit. You can watch it for yourself after the jump.

[Source: 9ff, YouTube via WorldCarFans]

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