Another country heard from – this time, a mole in Lexus of Europe has announced via the corporate Twitter account that the LFA's V10 will definitely not be going into the GS F. The supercar's 10-pot wonder is "bespoke to LFA," which is ur-English for something custom made, but in this case we'll take to mean "None of you can have this engine if you don't drive an LFA."

You'll note that the 106-character tweet deftly avoids confirming the existence of any sort of GS F in the first place – a car that has existed solely as a fairytale for nigh on three years – with the deflection, "not going to comment on those." But at least now if the GS F does come, we know what it won't have. But hey, they didn't rule out a derivative, right? Hat tip to Stan!

[Source: Lexus Europe Comm via Twitter]

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