"Please, Slow Down" public safety spot – Click above to watch the video

Auto crashes are giant, complex things. There are lots of factors that influence the outcome, virtually all of them variable and dependent on human input and decision making. Unfortunately, most of us aren't good at wrapping our minds around such a thorny ball of applied physics. Australia's Roads and Traffic Authority has enlisted Professor Ian Johnston of Melbourne's Monash University to break it down for the back of the class.

Pushing a tagline of "Please, Slow Down," Professor Johnston brings his work at the University's Accident Research Centre to bear with an effective and visually arresting demonstration of how big a difference five little kilometers per hour (that's 3.11 mph) can make to a panic stop. It's a message well delivered, but we would argue that good road safety is more about driving at reasonable rates of speed for the conditions (traffic, weather, road type, vehicle type and skill level). Click through to the jump to check it out for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: YouTube]

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