All else being equal, Commuter Cars has about a 13 percent chance to win the $2.5 million tandem-seating Alternative Class portion of the Progressive Automotive X Prize with their Tango two-seat electric car. Why, because only seven vehicles are entered in that category and one of the winning considerations will be which vehicle is the fastest – and the Tango is fast. The other six tandems are EDISON2's entry, FVT Racing's eVaro, Spira's Spira4u, TTW Italia's TTW One, and X-Tracer Team Switzerland's E-Tracer 7002 and E-Tracer 7009.

Those are good odds, and it's one of the things keeping the quirky electric car alive. Commuter Cars has only made 11 Tangos – all on special order for people like George Clooney and the founders of Google – and expects that it would cost around $150 million to get the vehicle ready for mass production. The $2.5 million wouldn't cover all of that, but it'd be a boost to get started. At the very least, it's enough to get us some more entertaining snow plow videos. Ready more about what's been happening with Commuter Cars in the Spokesman-Review.

[Source: Spokesman-Review]

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