Remember the case of Dimitrios Biller versus Toyota? The lawyer and former Toyota employee accused the Japanese automaker of withholding evidence in rollover crashes and claimed to have boxes full of evidence that would make his case.

Well, Toyota is still dealing with Biller, but one of the side cases that sprung up as a result of Biller's allegations appears to be going away. The New York Times reports that Todd Tracey, a lawyer with a history of suing Toyota, is dropping his plan to reopen 17 cases against the automaker. Tracy reportedly went through Biller's stash of evidence and found that "I did not see any type of concealment, destruction or pattern of discovery abuse that affected my cases that I had sought to reopen."

That's a far cry from the "rise up to get Toyota to tell the truth about its hidden crash safety data" rhetoric Tracy unleashed a couple months earlier and one less headache for Toyota to deal with in what appears to be a very busy 2010. True, it's likely Toyota will still have to deal with Biller, but Tracy's public statement that the evidence wasn't enough to justify opening old suits shows is less than a vote of confidence for the former Toyota employee's chances in the court of law.

[Source: New York Times | Image: Joe Raedle/Getty]

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