You've seen the dealer commercials before. "Now is the time to buy.... year end sale!" Well, if you want the Pontiac or Saturn of your dreams, this really is the best ever time to deal because it's literally the last chance to get a new vehicle from these brands. The Wall Street Journal reports that General Motors is offering dealers $7,000 in cash for each new Saturn or Pontiac model sold until the deal ends January 4. Edmunds reportedly told the WSJ that it expects GM will have about 4,200 Saturn and Pontiac models by January 1.

That $7,000 in cash goes straight to dealers, meaning that a dealer can give you all or only some of the $7,000 off the vehicle if they so choose. But if you do get the entire $7,000 rebate, it could amount to 46 percent off the price of a new Pontiac G3 – you know, if driving a rebadged Chevrolet Aveo is your idea of excitement. But hey, how many new cars can you buy for $8,000 outside of India? A more compelling deal could be $7,000 off the price of a Saturn Astra. Getting a brand-new Astra with tons of options and a $13,000 price tag could be considered a steal.

The catch to the sale is that the vehicle will be sold as used since dealers will officially be the first owners of the vehicle. That could effect customers' ability to purchase a new vehicle with a GM employee or supplier discount, but in the majority of cases, the $7,000 would likely be the better deal. Hat tip to Keerthi!

[Source: The Wall Street Journal | Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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