2010 Chinese-market Chevy Sail – Click above for image gallery

The Chinese-market Chevrolet Sail has had quite a life, at one time being a rebadged Opel, at another time being built in China, at another time being called the Buick Sail. The 2010 model has been spotted – which was at one time thought to be the new Chevy Lova – and it's plastic fantastic. Honestly, when we look at it we don't even think Aveo, we think Cavalier, and then feel bad for anyone who might have to live through that experience.

But that's our own flashbacks; the car has sold well and appears to have a solid reputation in China, and the 2010 version should continue the trend. Engine options are said to number two: a 1.2-liter with 78 horsepower, and a 1.4-liter with 96 hp. They will work through a five-speed manual or perhaps a four-speed auto in an upper trim. The price in China is expected to be less than $9,390.

[Source: Autohome (translated) via Autoblog Spanish (translated)]

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