Family Feud: American Chopper's Paul Teutel Sr. reportedly sues Paul Jr. for over $1 million

Drama, drama, drama. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking American Chopper is all about the motorcycles. In reality, the television show has always been about an amazingly dysfunctional family, and in particular the father/son relationship of its two main characters: Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr.

Truth be told, we're not big fans of the show. Don't get us wrong, we love motorcycles, but as we said, this series has never really focused on building motorcycles (plus we prefer to ride bikes designed to be, um... ridden). That's never been more true than right now, as anyone who happens to catch an episode from the last two seasons can tell you that Sr. currently has no contact at all with any of his children, including Jr. and Mikey.

Those on-air disagreements have reportedly culminated in a lawsuit filed by Paul Teutul Sr. in the Supreme Court of New York. The elder Teutul is seeking to buy his son's shares in Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc., along with over $1 million in damages. Kinda makes all that talk in previous seasons of not letting anything get in the way of family seem a bit disingenuous, no?

[Source: TMZ | Image: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images]

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