Griffin Up! - In support of Saab Automobile – click above to watch video

Neither Santa Claus nor the Grinch showed up for Saab faithful over Christmas, as the troubled automaker remains in limbo, with General Motors not releasing any further announcements over the holiday about the fate of several eleventh hour bids for its Swedish Patient from Spyker and others.

That silence hasn't stopped fans of the marque from mobilizing on the Internet, as they've done everything from start a Wordpress blob petition urging readers to boycott GM if they let Saab go under to penning support letters and/or eulogies for the fallen brand. One such individual, David Blumberg, has gone so far as to create an original song, Griffin Up! and he's created a video montage using both current and historical footage of the brand to show why he feels the brand is worth saving. Even if you're not a fan of the brand (or the soundtrack), the video footage provides a good reminder of what Saab has added to the global automotive discourse, and it's worth taking for a spin if only to see footage of the sublime Aero X concept or the official Saab stunt driving team or a rally-prepped 9-3 Viggen tearing up Pikes Peak.

A final resolution of Saab's fate is expected by New Year's, but while your waiting, you can click through to the jump to view Blumberg's handiwork for yourself. Thanks for the tip, GPG!

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