REPORT: 15% of Tata Nano reservations being cancelled due to slow fill rate

Tata Nano Europa in Geneva – click above for high-res image gallery

When you're talking about the Tata Nano, you're talking about the cheapest car in the world. And on the Subcontinent's booming economy, lots of folks are looking for their first automobile. When we say "lots" we mean millions, maybe tens or even hundreds of millions. All of which would make the Nano a highly logical choice, sort of like when Americans couldn't stop buying Ford's Model T. Only thing is, old Hank Ford ensured that there was a very steady stream of cheap cars for people to buy. Tata appears to be struggling with a different approach.

As a result of slow deliveries, the Hindustan Times notes that 15% of Tata Nano orders placed so far have been canceled. To put that in perspective, just over 200,000 people have placed orders for the bare bones transportation device. Meaning slightly more than 30,000 people have canceled their orders. Unlike the Model T, India's market is currently flooded with alternatives. Sure they cost more, but as one dealer points out, "People don't mind shelling out a bit more to get their car immediately." For their part, Tata is blaming capacity issues at its Pantnagar plant, but officials say they will deliver 100,000 cars by Q4 2010.

[Source: Hindustan Times]

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