New Gran Turismo 5 trailer – Click above to watch the video

Are you starting to wonder if Gran Turismo 5 is ever going to see the light of day? We are, but at the very least we understand why it is taking Polyphony Digital over five years to release the latest edition of its standard-setting racing series. Every video we see shows more detail, more tracks and greater diversity of motoring types. The newest video comes courtesy of the Asia Gaming Expo 2009 show, and it provides a glimpse at some of the many race tracks coming our way when GT5 finally graces us with its presence.

Hit the jump to watch some pretty amazing footage that was unfortunately shot by a consumer grade-camera capturing images via projection. Most of the 1:45 video isn't in-game footage, but it does show some pretty amazing new courses and some breathtaking rally shots. There is footage from Madrid, Rome, Indianapolis and Tsukuba, plus NASCAR, Super GT and more. Among the shots that make this video worth the watch is footage of a race at the airport that features a large passenger jet following close behind a pair of LeMans racers. Wow. The video is bad and the audio cuts off after about 30 seconds, but if you're dying to get your hands on GT 5 we're sure you'll click through to watch the video. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[Source: YouTube]

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