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Technically, the Electric Car Corporation (ECC) doesn't make any electric vehicles. Instead, ECC takes the Citroën C1 and converts it to an EV called the ev'ie (we're not sure how to pronounce it, either) in a facility in Bedfordshire. The ECC had been proud of its ties to the UK (see picture above) and the ev'ie went on sale there in April, but now feels the the UK government isn't doing enough to help them "make" EVs in country. In response, ECC is readying a production facility in Denmark because it expects a higher demand for the car, especially after a £5,000 subsidy kicks in in 2011. David Martell, ECC's chief executive, told the Bedfordshire News that if the UK doesn't offer more subsidies, the country could fall behind Europe in electric cars.

Recently, the ev'ie has been in the news for ferrying people around in Copenhagen and The Truth About Cars enjoyed a recent test drive. The car has a top speed of 60 mph and can go around 60-70 miles per charge. ECC expects to sell 1,000+ ev'ies in Scandanavia next year.

[Source: Bedfordshire News]

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