While Wired got into the Christmas spirit by thinking of ways to turn holiday waste into alternative energy, two stores in Dallas, Texas quite literally offered the service, with a bit of free food thrown in for fun. Over the weekend, a Whole Foods grocery store in Lakewood accepted leftover holiday cooking oil and grease and gave customers a $10 gift card and a free Better Bag in return (with the help of a local radio station's Street Team). The collected grease was then given to a local biodiesel producer, Green Spot Market & Fuels, which will now convert and sell the oil. Whole Foods has been supporting biodiesel since at least 2005.
The effort was part of Dallas' Cease the Grease program, which "urges residents not to pour grease down drains." If getting a few freebies aren't a convincing enough reason to participate, maybe the animated drain pipe called Perry the Pipe (that's him waving to you up there) can do the trick. Check out his video here.

[Source: Dallas Morning News]

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