We appreciated the miserly performance of Audi's sweet hatch, and so did you, apparently. If Audi can get the same kind of reception in the general market as they do here on AutoblogGreen, then their clean diesel push might really go somewhere.

Ahh, politics and green cars. Always a good combination (for comments, if nothing else). Whatever happened to McCain, anyway?

Well before all of the real troubles at Aptera became public knowledge, rumors that you could one day buy one of these cars at the big box retailer really got people's attention. Even though Aptera has pushed back their product roll-out plans, it doesn't mean that other electric vehicle retailers shouldn't pay attention to the message here.

Phantom traffic jams don't happen when the cars aren't there, but when there doesn't appear to be any reason for traffic to grind to a halt. It's strange, but it happens all the time, and MIT mathematicians are trying to figure out why.

Choice quote: "Our daughters have a beautiful first name that must not be associated with a car, so let us unite to bring pressure on a multinational which is going to destroy this pretty name for our children."

No comment :)

2. Not so fast: Jesse James' hydrogen speed "record" challenged
Everybody likes a takedown, apparently.

1. MINI asks drivers to hang up the keys and not drive on June 5th
That this post ended up at Number One did surprise us. I guess people who visit a car site – even an environmental one – still like their cars. Guess that shouldn't be a surprise. Thanks for another great year. Let's see what surprises 2010 holds.

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