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Tesla's long-rumored initial public offering is still not here (maybe soon?), and there's another voice of warning people away from the stock when it's available. A writer for the Motley Fool investment site says that Tesla's long-term stock prospects are a "bumpy road," even with all of the things that Tesla has going for it: green sheen, U.S. success, and drop-dead sexy cars. Plus, just over half of the AutoblogGreen community thinks the IPO is a good idea.

The problem, according to the Fool, isn't what's happening at Tesla, but around it. Namely, plug-in hybrids like the Volt and the PHEV Prius. Another problem is the lack of a quick-charging infrastructure, which won't make pure electrics easily appealing to the majority. OK, fine. Tesla certainly wouldn't be adverse to selling a million Model S units in 2015, but that's not required for the company to be successful, if the Roadster is any guide and company tales of profits hold up in the long term. Whether or not Tesla stock is a good buy, we're not bold enough to say, but we're not sure that the Fool has their story right this time. They're saying Tesla might be threatened by the sub-four second Chrysler plug-in hybrid that was rumored last year but hasn't been in the news much lately. Really? That's just bizarre.

[Source: Motley Fool]

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