The World's First Production Hybrid Motorcycle (really more like a noped – a moped sans pedals, if you ask us) is about to go on sale in India, and it will return about 280 miles per gallon with a top speed of 40 miles per hour. If that top speed seems a bit on the slow side, well, that's what you get for the low, low price of $855.

Eko Vehicles, a manufacturer based in Bangalore, developed the vehicle with assistance from U.S.-based Emerging Technologies. The ET-120 uses a 70cc gasoline-powered engine mated up with a small electric motor, and the company claims the machine will offer performance on par with a typical 120cc powerplant.

So, it may not be as interesting as electric motorcycles from Brammo or Zero, but it will also be much more accessible to a lot more users than most other competitive products, save, perhaps, for the ubiquitous Honda Cub. And it comes with a five-year warranty, to boot.

[Source: Eko Vehicles via Wired]

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