It's not at all uncommon to the see the phrase "no plug, no sale" in the comments here on ABG. In fact many of you are quite adamant about it whenever we discuss other alternatives that would reduce fuel consumption that don't include a plug. While we would all love to turn off the fossil fuel tap and move on to something a bit more renewable, it's not a process that's going to happen overnight. In fact, for a lot of reasons, that we've discussed at some length around here, it's a process that's likely to take quite a number of years. That's why automakers are continuing to pour resources into interim solutions like hybrids, diesel and downsized gas turbo direct injected engines.

Over at Earth2Tech, they have compiled a list of some of the reasons why plug-in vehicles will have a limited impact on the market in the short to medium term. Most of the reasons are well known like the high cost of batteries, lack of a place to plug in for urban apartment dwellers and limited availability unless you live in California. But there are other items like increased interest in car sharing that make the need to own an EV less urgent.

On the positive side, Jim Motavalli list five reasons why your next car will have plug over Mother Nature News. Motavalli is clearly more optimistic about the build-out of public charging networks and a smart grid that can manage when vehicles are charged to prevent overloads. While new EVs certainly don't have golf-cart performance, it remains to be seen how cars other than the ER-EV Chevy Volt are accepted by the mass market when they get a feel for the range limits.

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