'Twas the ABG before Christmas, and all through the green car world,
the sound of EV and H2 infighting ceased to be heard;
The infrastructure debates were put away for the night,
They'll return soon enough, in the New Year's bright light;

The SVO was filtered by the restaurant with care,
In hopes that a new old Mercedes soon would be there;

When out on the highway, there came zero clatter,
Since electric drive means no noise, to better hear the radio chatter;

Away to the future, the new gasoline alternatives flew,
Shiny they were, amazing and new;

Now Volt! now Tesla!, now, Karma and Leaf!
On, Equinox! on Fluence! on, Triac and TDIs all!

We heard them exclaim, as the drove out of sight,
Clean driving to all, and to all a good-night."

(Hey, we're bloggers, not poets. Check out Santa posts from previous years here, here and here.)
Photo by kevindooley. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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